Reasons for Parking Brake Failure in a Land Rover

Reasons for Parking Brake Failure in a Land Rover

Parking brake failure is a common issue that we see in Land Rovers. Your parking brake may fail to release, or it may make a screeching noise. Our team of master technicians are able to correct your problem and get you back on the road.

Why You Need a Parking Brake

A parking brake, also known as an emergency brake, is an essential part of your vehicle. It’s not only needed when you are parked on a hill; it is also a good practice to use it every time you park your vehicle. There are several reasons that you should always use your parking brake, but the two main reasons are as follows:

  • Provides stability so your vehicle won’t roll away.
  • Using the brake regularly keeps the cables in better working condition so they don’t snap in an emergency situation.

Most Common Causes of Parking Brake Failure

The most common causes of parking brake failure in Land Rovers is due to the Electric Parking Brake Module failure, improper cable adjustment, or from parking brake shoes being corroded, incorrectly adjusted, or worn out.

Electric Parking Brake Module Failure

If your parking brake is making a screeching sound and the parking sensor light is flashing, this is usually a sign that your Electric Parking Brake Module has failed. If you try to drive your vehicle under this circumstance, it can cause damage to the braking system.

It is recommended that you change your rear brake discs, pads, and shoes when you change your Electric Parking Brake Module.

Improper Cable Adjustment

Improper cable adjustment can cause parking brake failure. Having adequate rear brake tension is critical when the parking brake is engaged. The rear brakes are what hold the vehicle in place so it doesn’t roll away. Using your parking brake regularly can help to maintain the proper rear brake tension. If the brake isn’t used frequently, the rear brakes will corrode and wear resulting in unwanted distance. This extra distance doesn’t allow the brakes to get the proper grip that they need to hold the vehicle in place.

Worn Brake Shoes

If your parking brake shoes are worn they will not allow for proper grip. Not having proper grip can cause your vehicle to lean or roll when parked.

Have Your Brakes Serviced

To prevent parking brake failures it is important to stay up on regular maintenance. It’s good practice to have your brakes inspected at every service. Unfortunately, there isn’t a service schedule that works for everyone. It all depends on how much you drive your vehicle and how much you stop. If you do more urban driving you will probably have to replace your brakes quicker and more often than someone that does more rural driving.

It’s important that you pay attention to your brakes. You are used to driving your vehicle and you can tell when things begin to change. Most times, with brakes, you can hear when there is an issue developing. Make sure that you let your mechanic know any changes that you have noticed.

We Can Take Care of your Parking Brake Needs

If you are looking for a company that will provide you with top-end service, here at Bavarian Auto we can help. Our expert mechanics can take care of whatever German or European auto repair that you need. We have an extensive parts warehouse on-site, so we can fix most problems right away. Other shops only have a small selection of parts in stock so they have to order the parts the need. That means it takes longer for them to take care of your problem.

Land Rover Parking Brake Repair

We don’t want for you to waste your precious time sitting in a garage waiting on your vehicle to be fixed. We want to get your issues taken care of immediately so that you can get back on the road.

Whether you are having a parking brake failure or another issue with your Land Rover, give Bavarian Auto a call today to book your appointment. You can reach us on 423-499-8800, or come see us at 3121 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. #1, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. Call or stop by today to make an appointment for us to take a look at your parking brake.