Why is the Oil Light On in Your Audi?

Why is the Oil Light On in Your Audi?

Audis are very popular with auto buyers. These luxury vehicles are sleek, easy on the eyes, always equipped with the newest technology, and reliable. The brand offers a wide variety of models, so there is sure to be an Audi to fit every car shopper’s needs. Audi has been around since the earliest 20th century as part of the Volkswagen Group, originated in Germany, and now runs eleven production facilities in nine countries worldwide.

The Audi brand combines high-level performance with a classic look. A lot of value is included in the price. For example, the leather used in Audi interiors is revered within the luxury car market for its quality and comfort. When it comes to driving, turns are smooth, the engines are powerful, and they are quick to accelerate.

While luxury vehicles may not require as much maintenance as economy cars, the repairs that do arise are sometimes more necessary and expensive. One issue that can arise in an Audi is the oil light coming on. Let’s take a look at some reasons this may happen, as well as what to do when it does.

What does the oil light indicate?

Many drivers don’t understand how the oil circuit in their vehicle truly operates. If the oil light comes on in your car, it means the oil pressure is low. This is bad, and for this reason, if the oil light comes on while you are driving you should stop driving immediately, turn the engine off, and get your car to a certified mechanic.

If the oil pressure is low, it means either there is not enough oil circulating the oil system, or the oil pump isn’t circulating the oil well enough. Oil is critical to keeping your engine running smoothly and without friction, and if this is not happening the way it should, it can cause severe and even irreversible damage to your car.

What can cause the oil light to come on in an Audi?

The longer you run your engine with the oil light on, the greater the chance that damage is being caused inside your engine. After you stop driving and turn the engine off, you can check your oil with the dipstick. If this test shows your oil level is low but you recently changed your oil, you may have a leak. If you see dripping under the car, this is a good indication of an oil leak. An oil leak likely occurs when a gasket ruptures or when the oil filter comes loose.

It is possible your oil is simply low without a leak, perhaps because you have not kept up with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. It is crucial to get your oil changed by a professional as often as is recommended for the make and model of your car. If the dipstick shows the oil level is low but no leak is apparent, you can add oil to your car, either yourself, carefully, or at a mechanic. After doing so, check to see if the light still comes on. If you add oil to the fill line and the light still persists, this means the issue is with your oil pressure, not the quantity of oil. Oil pressure is created by the oil pump, so your oil pump is likely malfunctioning.

A clogged oil filter can also prompt the oil light to come on. This is a relatively easy fix. If the clogged filter was preventing oil from flowing properly, a new one should restore proper function.

In a fluke situation, a bad sensor or wiring can turn on the oil light incorrectly. If you check your oil and everything seems normal but the light keeps coming on, this could potentially be the culprit.

Audi Oil Level Check

What should you do if the oil light comes on in your Audi?

It is imperative to stop driving your car the second the oil light comes on until the problem can be further assessed. Tow your car to us at Bavarian Auto, where our professionals can help prevent any serious damage to your engine. The oil light is one indicator that should never be ignored, for the safety of both the driver and the vehicle.