Why Your MINI Needs Supercharger Oil in Chattanooga

Why Your MINI Needs Supercharger Oil in Chattanooga

The MINI Cooper is a powerful car that has been around for years and has left a lasting impression on people. Now owned by BMW, the MINI Cooper’s technology has improved. One model of the MINI Cooper is the MINI Cooper S. The “S” stands for supercharger, and while it is a unique and fun car, it has some specific care instructions that differ from the standard MINI Cooper.

An important difference that you will need to be aware of in your MINI Cooper S is that it requires supercharger oil. While most cars have specific oil requirements, the supercharger needs oil that is specifically made for this model.

Paying attention to the oil in your vehicle is an important part of taking care of any car. The oil impacts the overall performance of your car, and if left unattended and runs dry, it can cause many problems for you and your prized auto. Checking the owner’s manual in your vehicle is a great way to determine what services your car needs performed and when. In this article, let’s take a look at supercharger oil and why this particular MINI model needs it.

The Supercharger MINI and its Oil

The MINI Cooper Supercharger is a great vehicle. It is made with a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that has an output of 189 horsepower and is turbocharged. If you are not taking care of the oil and properly maintaining your vehicle, you lose out on all that power and are not getting the full performance experience of the car. One interesting fact about the supercharger is that it has a separate reservoir for oil, in addition to the oil for your engine. This unique feature calls for special care from its owner.

Changing the Oil in Your MINI Cooper

Luckily, changing the oil in your MINI Cooper is not too complicated of a job and should not cost you a lot of money. When dealing with the supercharger, you will want to pay attention to any signs that might be an indicator that it is time to inspect it and change the oil. If you start to hear and grinding coming from the supercharger, that is a sign that you have a problem and it should get looked at as soon as possible.

The supercharger in your vehicle will need to have proper maintenance. The system is partly cooled and uses the oil as a lubricant. If you have never serviced your supercharger and you have had your MINI for any substantial amount of time, you might need to replace the supercharger if you haven’t cared for it per maintenance instructions.

This is a problem that is easily avoidable by just making sure to take good care of your car and get it serviced when required. The supercharger is an expensive piece to replace, so by getting it serviced when required, you can save yourself a lot of money.

It is always a good idea to keep detailed records of the services you have performed on your car. By doing so, you are able to log the work that has already been done and will be able to better predict the work needed. Keeping records is also good so that if you ever sell your vehicle, you can provide the buyer with records of the work you have had done to show proper maintenance.

When it comes to a MINI Cooper S, you want to make sure that you know exactly when you have had the supercharger maintenance. If you recently purchased your MINI used and you do not know if the supercharger has been inspected lately, it is generally better to take it to a reputable garage for an inspection to make sure the supercharger is running optimally.

How We Can Help

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