Know the Reasons Behind Your BMW’s Lifter Ticking From the Experts in Chattanooga

Know the Reasons Behind Your BMW’s Lifter Ticking From the Experts in Chattanooga

Most car enthusiasts love the style and shape of BMW. Their sleek design, strong performance, and ultimate durability makes their models an ideal choice for elite car owners. In addition to its visual appeal, car lovers enjoy listening to the powerful purr of a BMW engine. This noteworthy sound demands attention and makes the BMW the ultimate powerhouse.

Although the BMW is known for its beauty and performance, it is susceptible to a few common problems. In fact, the high-maintenance nature of the BMW is one of the main reasons why many consumers stray from making the investment.

One of the major issues that BMW owners face has to do with lifter ticking. If you look on BMW forum threads, this is one of the main topics of discussion. If you’re a BMW owner or a future consumer and want to learn how to effectively address this issue, consider these helpful bits of information. This will help you make the best decision regarding your next investment or BMW maintenance.

What is lifter ticking?

Before we get into how to address this possible issue, let’s consider what lifter ticking means and the role it plays in your car’s performance. BMW revolutionized the automotive industry with their N52 engines. Between the performance and longevity, this engine makes the BMW a truly remarkable drive. However, ticking lifters is one of the main problems that plague this innovative design.

Your lifters play a major role in regulating the direction of exhaust valves. Drivers can customize their lifters to their own preference; giving the engine more or less power. Much like other parts of your BMW, the lifter experiences common issues that impact its function. When your car reaches a certain mileage, the lifter begins to tick, making the distribution of power extremely complicated. This problem usually occurs once the vehicle exceeds 50,000 miles.

Reasons for Lifter Ticking

As mentioned, general wear and tear to this vital part causes issues with its performance. If you drive your car on a consistent basis while pushing the engine, it is safe to assume that your lifter will experience those ticks.

In addition, if you are unable to direct power to your engine in an effective manner, there may be an issue beneath the hood. It is always smart to bring your car into a skilled mechanic who can diagnose and address this issue without causing further damage.

Don’t Ignore These Vital Signs

The most common way to diagnose this issue is to pay attention to the sounds coming from your car. If you are in stop-and-go traffic, where you have to stop and accelerate often, it’s easier to notice the ticking noise.

In addition, many drivers hear these infamous ticks during the colder months of the year. Drastic changes in weather can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s performance. That’s why it is suggested to keep your car covered during extreme weather conditions.

How to Maintain Your Lifter

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to bring your BMW in for general maintenance. Keeping up with your service appointments is key to keeping your car in excellent condition. This is especially vital for BMW owners as these cars are more susceptible to problems in comparison to others.

In addition, pay attention to how your drive your BMW. They are able to take on a lot of power. However, that doesn’t mean you should push them beyond their capabilities. Have fun driving your car, but don’t abuse it. Remember, your BMW can experience wear and tear like any other piece of machinery.

Next, don’t let just anyone work on your BMW. Make sure the mechanic you choose understands how BMWs work and what they need. This makes a huge difference in how well your car performs.

Finally, don’t ignore changes in your car’s performance. Sometimes that flashing warning light or, in the case, persistent  tick is the difference between saving your car from damage and spending thousands in replacement costs.

How We Can Help

Bavarian Auto proudly BMW Engine Check serves the Ootelwah, Hixson, and Chattanooga, TN areas. Our skilled mechanics are eager to address issues with your BMW, especially concerning your lifter ticking. When you bring your car in for servicing, you can feel confident knowing that our skilled experts will take excellent care of your vehicle.

* BMW 520d image credit goes to: DarthArt.