Tips to Deal With Audi Camshaft Tensioner Leaks From the Best in Chattanooga

Tips to Deal With Audi Camshaft Tensioner Leaks From the Best in Chattanooga

The Audi line of vehicles is known for its revolutionary engineering, progressive design and sleek, optimal performance. While luxury automobiles set an extremely-high standard when it comes to innovation and technology, they can suffer from various malfunctions or serious mechanical issues. One such problem is in relation to the camshaft tensioner.

What is the camshaft tensioner and what does it do?

The camshaft tensioner serves a vitally-important purpose under the hood. It ensures that the belts keep the proper tension and remain tight during operation. This primarily concerns the serpentine and timing belts. The tensioner operates by receiving oil from the engine. The pressurized hydraulic oil allows this mechanism to maintain tension and keep the belts running at peak performance. However, this oil can seep or leak out of the tensioner, which can lead to serious problems. In fact, these leaks can cause catastrophic damage to the engine of your Audi.

Signs of a Leak in the Camshaft Tensioner

Problems With Acceleration

If there is a belt that is slipping due to improper tension, you may notice sudden, strange behavior from the engine. This usually takes place during acceleration when powering over 2000 RPM. This tends to be one of the first signs that you may have leaking fluid from the tensioner.

Strange Sounds

A loose timing or serpentine belt will often create unusual sounds. Grinding, loud clicking, or constant ticking may indicate that the tension of the belt has been compromised. This too can be a result of an oil leak and the tensioner will fail to adequately maintain the belt’s proper operation.

Engine Does Not Turn Over

If you engage the ignition and the car fails to start, the timing chain or belt could be completely snapped. A broken belt will make your Audi inoperable as well as create combustion issues. It will also be more difficult and costly to get your car to a repair shop.

Premature Wear and Tear of the Belts

Over time, the belts can show signs of normal wear and tear. However, when the camshaft tensioner leaks, the oil falls onto these belts, causing fraying or deterioration. This will make them more vulnerable to serious damage.

Other Affected Areas

The timing and serpentine belts affect areas that may not be recognized as potential problems. These include things like the air conditioning system and even the battery power of your Audi.

The camshaft tensioner is vital to the operation of each and every vehicle on the road. Luxury brands are no exception. Your Audi could easily succumb to major engine damage if the tensioner is compromised. It is a crucial component of the working mechanisms which keep your vehicle performing at its absolute best. Whether you suspect an issue with this component, or it is simply time for routine maintenance on this system, you need to consult an automotive shop that specializes in Audi repairs.

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