Reasons Why Your Land Rover’s HDC May Fail From Certified Technicians in Chattanooga

Reasons Why Your Land Rover’s HDC May Fail From Certified Technicians in Chattanooga

Land Rover is known for their expertly-engineered vehicles which deliver unparalleled performance in city, rural, and off-road driving. This causes Land Rovers to experience their own unique set of problems. As a Land Rover owner, you may be familiar with the HDC feature, which is the Hill Descent Control. If this part fails, it can put you and your passengers in danger. Let’s take a closer look at this important component.

The Function of the Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control (HDC) is a feature first debuted in Land Rover’s Freelander model. The HDC was designed to enhance Land Rovers as off-road vehicles. It combined an innovative traction control system with the engagement of its Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Consequently, the Freelander is the first model to showcase the HDC’s ability to provide smooth, controlled descent using a similar mechanism to cruise control. The HDC elevated the Land Rover brand to the highest status among off-road vehicles of their class.

The groundbreaking technology allowed the ABS to control the speed of each descending wheel individually in order to control the effects of sudden acceleration. Wheels that were being affected more strongly by uneven terrain and friction could be slowed to better control the descent of the entire car.

Causes of HDC Failure in Land Rovers

While this ground-breaking technology allows for greater security and confidence while maneuvering a Land Rover downhill while off-road, it also puts a great deal of responsibility on this system. If HDC fails in a Land Rover, a driver would suddenly have much less control of their car on a potentially-dangerous off-road path. Many drivers count on this system to get them out of precarious driving conditions. If this system fails, injuries could occur, and your Land Rover may need a tow for repairs.

In order to prevent HDC failures, Land Rover has created a number of messages that will notify you that the HDC needs servicing.

For example, if you are traveling at speeds above 30mph or your brake system is overheating, the HDC will not be available for you to use. This prevents you from relying on the HDC in a situation where it would fail and put you at risk. Once conditions are favorable again, such as you have slowed down or have waited until your car’s system cooling has reduced the temperature of your brakes, then you will be able to engage HDC and use it for an off-road descent.

In order to operate, HDC needs to use low gears, but the system can also be used in gear one, drive, and reverse. A message to change to an appropriate selection will appear so that you do not try to engage the technology with the wrong gear.

These types of messages will allow you to troubleshoot and figure out what conditions need to change to properly use HDC in your off-road driving. If you receive the message “HDC Fault System Not Available,” it’s important that you have your Land Rover inspected by the appropriate specialist immediately to address the problem.

Each of the messages are programmed to appear for your safety while driving your Land Rover. So, if you see the warning messages, it’s important that you don’t try to continue to use HDC or drive down any steep off-road paths while relying on the system. Instead, stay on smooth roads and bring your car in to be serviced as soon as possible.

Bavarian Auto Will Help

Fortunately, if your HDC system does need to be inspected and/or repaired, it’s a fairly simple Land Rover HDC Failure Fix issue to address. Often, your HDC system simply requires you to change the battery in your car, as the system can be thrown off by fluctuating battery voltages.

It’s important to have consistent, scheduled service appointments to prevent and identify any causes of the transmission wear, ABS breakdowns, and HDC issues that could cause malfunction.

Our Land Rover certified mechanics will address any issues with your HDC systems, so bring your car to Bavarian Auto in Ootelwah, Hixson, and Chattanooga, TN to service your Land Rover. We are eager to become your trusted Land Rover service center. Call us today for an appointment at your convenience or stop by to speak with one of our expert technicians to discuss your Land Rover.

* Land Rover Discovery Sport Car image credit goes to: bortnikau.