Where Should You Go in Chattanooga to Repair Your Jaguar’s Failing Air Suspension?

Where Should You Go in Chattanooga to Repair Your Jaguar’s Failing Air Suspension?

The air suspension system in your Jaguar is vital to optimal performance and your safety while driving. When this system begins to fail, you need to be able to recognize the signs and have your Jaguar repaired as soon as possible. If you put off repairs, a chain reaction of failure may be sparked, making your vehicle difficult to drive. This article will discuss warning signs of air suspension failure, reasons that this failure happens, and where you can go to address and resolve these issues.

The Function of the Air Suspension System in a Jaguar

The air suspension system in your Jaguar essentially performs the same function as a suspension system in any vehicle would. The suspension system in your car does quite a few things to optimize your driving performance and experience, including:

  • absorbing the impact of bumps and rough terrain
  • maximizing the space between the underside of your Jaguar and the road
  • evenly carrying the weight of your vehicle
  • providing maximum precision and stability while driving, increasing your control while driving

As you can see, your air suspension system is crucial to a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Warning Signs of Air Suspension Failure

When the air suspension in your Jaguar begins to fail, you will notice marked changes in performance and comfort. Take note of these changes and report them to the professionals who will be repairing your car during your appointment.

  • The car will sit lower. This is the most obvious sign of air suspension failure. When there is no air to fill the bags that make up this system, your Jaguar will settle lower to the surface of the road, which can cause a lot of damage depending on the terrain you have to drive on.
  • Leaking air will make noise even after you turn your car off. The air compressor usually runs for a while even when your car isn’t turned on, but it does not make noise. If one of the airbags in your suspension is leaking, though, this will result in a lower but consistent noise when the car is off.
  • Your driving performance will be negatively impacted. When the air suspension in your Jaguar isn’t working as it should, your driving experience overall will suffer. One concerning symptom of this is the loss of precision and control in the back half of the car. It will feel loose, which is especially dangerous if you must turn quickly.
  • You will feel the impact of potholes, speed bumps, and other rough driving conditions more severely. Part of the air suspension’s job is to keep you from jostling around and feeling every bump or hole that you drive over. When it fails, you’ll begin to notice a rougher ride.

Reasons Behind Air Suspension Failure

Now you know what air suspension failure will feel like, so let’s discuss why it happens. Knowing why this may have happened will help you prevent it if possible in the future.

  • The air bags in your suspension system are leaking. One could have been punctured or otherwise damaged due to driving accidents or rough terrain, and as a result, it can’t fill with air properly and keep your Jaguar suspended.
  • The air compressor has failed. The compressor works similarly to an air conditioning unit, using a motor to blow air into the air bags and keep them filled at all times. Just like air conditioning units, the motor can wear out and fail over time.
  • Regular wear and tear. The more you drive, the more that you wear down various parts of your Jaguar. The air suspension system can wear over time because the air bags weaken and the motor in the air compressor can wear out. You must be prepared to deal with it if it happens.

Bavarian Automotive for Air Suspension Repair

If you suspect that your Jaguar’s air suspension Jaguar Air Bag Check is failing, you need to see an automotive specialist as soon as you can to prevent further damage and dangerous driving conditions. Our Jaguar experts at Bavarian Automotive can inspect, diagnose, and repair any issues you may be facing promptly and efficiently. When you entrust the professionals at Bavarian Automotive, we can guarantee that you’ll be given the highest level of care possible.

Unlike big dealerships, our family-owned and operated business knows the importance of treating customers like family. We serve Jaguar owners mainly located in the following areas of TN: Hixson, Ootelwah, Chattanooga and the surrounding communities. To make an appointment, please call (423) 499-8800.