How to Deal With Air-Oil Separator Failure in a Porsche

How to Deal With Air-Oil Separator Failure in a Porsche

Maintaining your Porsche’s optimal condition requires that what enters its engine is not contaminated. The air-oil separator is one of the important pieces of engine technology that ensures that the ingredients your engine uses stay pure and the vehicle stays efficient. Its failure can lead to several more serious problems, costing you significant sums of money to repair damage. First, let’s get an understanding of the air-oil separator and then move on to signs and symptoms of its failure.

Function of Air-Oil Separator

The air-oil separator is an emissions device at the top right rear corner of your Porsche’s engine. It collects any leftover oil gases and vapors within the crankcase and directs them back to the intake manifold. The clean air is then sent to the air intake. In this way, this separator keeps your car more efficient and reduces its total emission.

Signs of Air-Oil Separator Failure

If the air-oil separator isn’t functioning properly, it will not catch all of the oil mist that occasionally flows through the engine. Basically, the oil and air will not go to their correct respective locations.

It’s important to be on the lookout for any noticeable changes in your Porsche’s performance. If a seemingly minor issue arises, such as air-oil separator failure, further complications can result, and even terminal damage can be done to your damage. This can be spotted in the following ways:

Large Amounts of Smoke in the Exhaust

This symptom is particularly hard to miss. Any time you notice a large amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust, be sure to take it seriously. It’s not uncommon for a Porsche to let out some smoke, but if the problem is recurring and occurs in great proportion, it could be due to a high ratio of oil-to-air in the engine caused by failure of the air-oil separator.

Poor Running Engine

A Porsche should offer a smooth ride each time. So, if you notice a rough drive and poor engine performance, take note. Engine quality is the most important aspect of your Porsche, and an air-oil separator in poor condition could cause the engine to stop performing at its maximum level.

Check Engine Light

A check engine light is not something a driver ever wants to see, but if it is illuminated, consider it in your best interest to inspect it. Your automobile has a way of detecting a failed air-oil separator, and in those cases, it will warn you through the check engine light. Keep in mind that the check engine light may be illuminated for countless other reasons as well, but you must keep on top of this warning light, since engine problems could lead to catastrophic damage.

Oil Leaks

Oil will stain your driveway if it leaks from your car, but even worse, it is usually a sign of some malfunction within your vehicle. Be sure to glance below your car and be on the lookout for oil leaks, which may be caused by a faulty air-oil separator.

Why It’s Important to Repair a Faulty Air-Oil Separator

If you suspect your air-oil separator is to blame for all of your Porsche’s problems, and if addressed early on, a repair should not cost you too much money. Because the separator plays such a crucial job in circulating oil and air around your Porsche, if it is left neglected, it can result in a chain reaction of damaged parts, like spark plugs and catalytic converters.

Regular maintenance and upkeep are absolutely critical for your Porsche’s performance. A diagnostic test may need to be run on your Porsche to determine the extent of damage done, which can be administered by a mechanic shop.

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