Tips to Identify Broken Rear Springs in Your Volkswagen

Tips to Identify Broken Rear Springs in Your Volkswagen

German cars remain to be some of the most popular cars worldwide. They boast nearly unrivaled comfort and smoothness in a sleek, gorgeous ride that turns heads and hearts alike wherever they go. Volkswagen are no exceptions; rather, they are known to be exceptional.

As such, it only makes sense to keep something this nice running as well as it can. Routine upkeep has a large hand to play in maintaining performance standards and increasing the longevity of your car’s road time.

A key, often under-checked factor in routine maintenance is the state of your vehicle’s suspension system. If you’re like most people, you can’t remember the last time you had your suspension checked. Now is a good time to bring your car to a certified mechanic to check for any symptoms or concerns of suspension issues.

Symptoms of Broken Rear Springs in your Suspension

Below are some of the most common and noticeable factors that can indicate suspension issues:

Feeling Every Bump in the Road

If every pebble and crack in your trip makes you bounce in your seat like you’re the one who’s spring-loaded, it’s a good sign your suspension system is in trouble. While this symptom may not seem severe, continuing to drive on a bad suspension system can do further damage to your vehicle. The best thing to do if every car ride suddenly becomes a trampoline ride is to have a mechanic take a look at the problem as soon as possible.

Pulling to One Side when Driving Straight

While pulling to one side can be indicative of several issues, one of the more easily-fixable problems is your car’s suspension. However, as this issue can become dangerous, it too should be checked out quickly.

Oily Shock Absorbers

Extra-oily shock absorbers are a sign that your shocks are cracked or broken. This is almost always a sign of a suspension system in need of some TLC, as it is experiencing a leak, which means it isn’t functioning properly.


One or both rear corners of your car sit closer to the ground than the others if your springs are not working properly. You should measure the height of your car bumpers on level ground to get the most accurate results when trying to determine if any corner of your car is sagging. However, if a rear spring is broken, it will be visible with the naked eye.

Dangerous Cornering

If your car can’t smoothly steer around a corner, it is a sign your rear suspension system may need a checkup, for everyone’s safety.

Unusual Noises

Any car making unusual noises can be scary. Hearing clunking or rattling sounds in the back of your car is no exception. If your vehicle starts making any loud or sudden noises when you drive over bumps and cracks, you should bring it in to a mechanic right away to check the health of the rear springs.

The Importance of Your Rear Springs

Rear springs are essential in the safety and functionality of your Volkswagen suspension system, as the weight of your car rests on their tiny metal coils. Driving more, especially in rough or bumpy conditions, means more pressure is forced upon your springs. Over time, the pressure on the springs causes them to wear out. They may begin to sag or even break. This puts yourself and everyone on the road around you in danger.

Rear spring damage can damage your Volkswagen further in the breakdown process. If you suspect your rear springs are broken, it’s vital to bring your vehicle in for a checkup as soon as possible to keep yourself and your car safe and sound.

Bavarian Auto Can Help

The symptoms of suspension trouble may occur Volkswagen Suspension Issue Check gradually or it may present itself as a sudden problem after hitting a noticeable bump or pothole in the road. Either way, the effects will quickly become a problem on your daily drives, as your car becomes bouncier and more difficult to steer. If that happens, it’s time to call the experts at Bavarian Auto.

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