Causes of BMW Coolant Leaks From Certified Mechanics in Chattanooga

Causes of BMW Coolant Leaks From Certified Mechanics in Chattanooga

Coolant serves an important purpose in your car’s functioning, and a leak may cause some serious problems and keep your BMW off the road. This can be frustrating, as BMW is the ultimate driving machine, after all. This article will cover some of the basics of what coolant does, causes of a leak, and what warning signs to look for so the leak can be fixed promptly.

Why does my car need coolant?

All cars need coolant to stabilize temperature within the engine. As part of your car’s cooling system, it circulates through the engine and transfers heat to keep things from getting too hot in there. It also prevents engine fluids from freezing. If things get too hot in the engine or there is not enough coolant, it begins to boil. Thousands of dollars of damage may occur.

Coolant can be found under your vehicle’s hood in the coolant reservoir. It is connected via hoses to the radiator, another part of the engine’s cooling system.

How to Spot a Coolant Leak

Be on the lookout for a coolant leak that you can see, and pay attention to your BMW’s performance, which can be affected by low coolant levels caused by a leak. You can often see a coolant leak on the ground below your vehicle. Coolant is colorful; usually pink, green, or orange.

If it’s an internal leak, however, you can spot it by keeping an eye on your car’s temperature gauge. If the engine is overheating, it may be because there isn’t enough coolant. You may also notice the smell of coolant, which is sweet. This will come from your BMW’s engine.

Causes of Coolant Leak

Coolant does a lot of traveling within your car’s cooling system, and it should stay within this system unless there is some issue that causes the leak. Some of the most common issues are listed below, and make sure to check these first.

Crack in the Coolant Reservoir

The coolant reservoir, which holds the coolant when it isn’t being circulated around the vehicle, may be responsible for a coolant leak. This is a very easy fix and very easy to identify. Take a look under the hood and see if there’s a hole or crack in the reservoir.

Leaky Radiator Cap

The coolant moves through the coolant system and to the radiator, another part of the cooling system. If the radiator cap doesn’t fit correctly, some coolant may leak out of the radiator. There’s a chance the cap was either overtightened or not tightened enough, or you may simply have the wrong cap for your model of BMW. Be careful, though, because the metal radiator cap gets extremely hot after your engine has been running.

Leaky Water Pump

The water pump helps with the cooling system, and a leak in it could result in a leak in coolant. This issue can be easily identified by taking a look, whether it’s you or a trained mechanic checking it out.

Radiator and Heater Hoses

These hoses run coolant from the engine and the heater core to the radiator and back again. They will start to wear down and age over time, particularly where they bend. If this is the case and you or a mechanic replaces the hose, its best practice to go ahead and replace all the hoses.

Bavarian Auto Can Fix Your BMW’s Coolant Leak

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