Where to Go in Chattanooga to Fix Ignition Coil Failure in a Jaguar

Where to Go in Chattanooga to Fix Ignition Coil Failure in a Jaguar

Though Jaguars are known for their high-performance standards and smooth driving experience, they often run into issues that other vehicles do and require regular inspection and maintenance to uphold these standards.

A more common issue that Jaguars face is ignition coil failure. This is normal and may be no fault of your own. However, it is essential to bring yours to your local Jaguar experts to have the issue fixed quickly before the problem gets out of hand.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to spot ignition coil failure, explain why this happens, and help you find the right place to go to resolve this issue.

The Importance of an Ignition Coil

The ignition coil in your Jaguar has one very important function: helping the engine to ignite. Without a properly working coil, the performance of your vehicle will suffer significantly and will eventually fail to start.

As the damage progresses, it creates a domino effect that will cause other parts of the car to sustain damage as well, which can cause repairs to become expensive in a short amount of time. This is frustrating and time-consuming, wreaking havoc on your schedule.

Symptoms of Ignition Coil Failure in Jaguar

Because the ignition coil is so vital to the basic function of your Jaguar, recognizing the early warning signs and why they happen is also important. This will help you bring your car to the professionals to have the issue resolved before it is too late.

One early warning sign to watch out for is the illumination of the check engine light. This light may be present on the dashboard for several reasons, and all are necessary to address if you want to avoid failure of the Jaguar altogether.

If the engine is misfiring, this is a clearer sign of ignition coil failure. Engine misfiring presents itself in many ways. The Jaguar may need multiple turns of the ignition to start. You could experience rough acceleration while driving or rough idling.

Lowered power while accelerating is a significant, more serious sign of ignition coil failure in a Jaguar. You will not be able to speed up quickly enough which can be frustrating in safe conditions and dangerous when safe driving relies on your speed.

If the ignition coil fails completely, you will be completely unable to drive. This is because the ignition has also failed and will not allow the engine to ignite.

Reasons Behind Ignition Coil Failure in Jaguar

All of the aforementioned symptoms of ignition coil failure are often attributed to faulty ignition cables and spark plugs. The wiring gets damaged over time because it may function at temperatures that are too high for the cables to withstand. When exposed to the elements, these cables and plugs can corrode and fail eventually as well.

Normal wear and tear will also result in the necessity of the ignition coil and spark plug replacement. This happens to all vehicles, no matter the brand or model, and to almost any part of these cars. The important thing is to regularly schedule maintenance and bring your Jaguar to the experts when you notice a dip in performance.

Scheduling Regular Maintenance to Avoid Failure

One of the best things that you can do to avoid ignition coil failure in the future is to have regular maintenance done on your Jaguar. Qualified mechanics will keep your European car in great shape by diagnosing issues early and fixing them before it gets worse.

Entrusting Your Jaguar to Experts in Chattanooga

If your Jaguar is experiencing ignition coil failure or any other issue, the automotive specialists at Bavarian Auto can help. Our mission Jaguar Ignition Coil Check is to diagnose problems and repair them as quickly and thoroughly as possible so you can get back on the road before your daily life is significantly negatively impacted.

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