How to Deal With Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

How to Deal With Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

Underneath the hood of your car, many parts work together to produce the high-performance found in Porsche models. Of those parts, some have higher importance than others when it comes to general driving. Ensuring that these parts are working properly is quite important to keeping your Porsche reliable.

Should any issues arise under the hood, it is best to get them diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible to prevent frustration for Porsche owners. A transmission valve body failure is a serious issue that should not be underestimated. If you suspect something is wrong with the transmission valve body, take your Porsche in right away so as not to damage it further. Let’s dive deeper into this subject.

What does the transmission valve body do?

On automatic transmission vehicles, there is a component known as the valve body. This valve body is essentially the main control center for the transmission system. Within the body are many passages that allow hydraulic fluid to flow.

As the hydraulic fluid travels through the valve body, the valves that open determine the gears your car will switch into as you drive. Along with this, sensors allow the transmission valve body to measure speed, throttle, and even engine load.

Essentially, this component on your Porsche is integral to the high performance and power you have come to love and enjoy. Without the transmission valve body working properly, the wrong amount of hydraulic fluid could go into the wrong valves, and your vehicle may not shift into the correct gear.

Common Signs of a Transmission Valve Body Failure

Given the importance of this component under the hood, it makes sense that there are a large number of warning signs. All of these symptoms are quite obvious to a Porsche owner. Seeing these signs should be a clear indication to take your vehicle into a professional who can diagnose the problem.

Shifting Delay

When you attempt to put your car into park, reverse, or drive, take note of any delay in the shifting. Harsh shifts or shifting delays lasting longer than two seconds are abnormal and an indication that something may be amiss.

Banging or Knocking Sounds

As you accelerate or slow down, your car automatically up-shifts or down-shifts, respectively. If you are performing one of these actions and your vehicle makes odd clicking or banging sounds, you should take it into the shop to avoid problems in the near future.

Shift Flares

When you accelerate in your Porsche, a shift flare is a major indicator of a failing transmission valve body. When accelerating, your RPMs may jump very high before settling on a lower number. Traditionally when accelerating, the RPM increase is constant rather than a sporadic increase.

The Importance of Fixing Your Transmission Valve Body

Failing to identify a faulty transmission valve body can have long-lasting complications for your vehicle. If your transmission isn’t working, you cannot drive anywhere at all. So using a car with a faulty valve body can be a risk because controlling the vehicle becomes more difficult and you could be damaging other parts, which will cost you in the end.

Discovering any of the above warning signs should be enough of a reason to bring your car to a Porsche-certified technician for inspection. Allowing them to perform transmission repair is also far cheaper than having to purchase an entirely new transmission. It is best to not let the problem get worse. Just take care of the issue promptly and get back on the road with confidence.

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