Reasons Behind Engine Fuel Leaks in a Land Rover From Experienced Mechanics in Chattanooga

Reasons Behind Engine Fuel Leaks in a Land Rover From Experienced Mechanics in Chattanooga

Under the hood of a powerful and reliable car such as Land Rover, there are a multitude of parts working together to ensure the safety and comfort you love. Sometimes, however, parts can go bad or stop working concurrently. When this happens, unforeseen engine fuel leaks may occur.

An engine fuel leak should be taken seriously, as there can be long term repercussions from not getting a leak inspected and repaired. When deciding whether or not to take your car in to be serviced, you should remember that a leak can originate somewhere else than where it is spotted. For that reason, it is best to let a professional diagnose your car.

What can cause an engine fuel leak?

The reason you should trust a professional to fix your car is due to the myriad of reasons that can cause an engine fuel leak. You may spot a trail of fluid leaking from under one spot of the hood, but the source could be a completely different part of your Land Rover.

With that said, below are some of the most common causes one may find for an engine fuel leak.

Small Hole in the Gas Tank

As time goes on and you drive your vehicle more, the gas tank can become worn and rusted. Even on new cars, sharp objects can sometimes penetrate the gas tank and leave a hole that can cause a small drip stream.

Bad Fuel Lines

The fuel lines in your vehicle are responsible for carrying the fuel from the tank to the combustion bay. If a sharp object comes into contact with the fuel line, it is possible for a hold to develop.

Shot Fuel Injector Seals

Within the fuel component of the car, the fuel injector seals are of the utmost importance. If an error occurs with the manufacturing process, the build up of fuel in the gas tank may cause some to be released from the high pressure.

Faulty Electrical Connection

As with any modern car, let alone the advanced Land Rover, computers control many features on a vehicle. When some of those electronics signals are mixed up, it is possible that the fuel injector may wrongly stay open. If this occurs a relatively large leak would accumulate.


It can happen to the best of anyone: pumping gas and realizing that the wrong gas is being put into the tank. A contaminated tank can lead to a backup of the gas pump. When the entire system plugs, pressure may cause leaks.

The Solution

There are numerous reasons your Land Rover may be leaking fuel and they can be difficult to identify. Trust a professional and do not try yourself. A fuel leak is a nuisance of a problem but is a relatively simple fix. Do not go through the headache of waiting at a dealership for such a minor fix. Instead, rely on an auto mechanic shop–specifically a specialized shop.

Assuming the fuel leak is something other than a minor hole, you are going to want to take your vehicle somewhere that will have both the knowledge and tools capable of fixing the solution. Neglecting a fuel leak can lead to vehicle fires that could prove deadly. For that reason, take your car to a specialized auto shop as soon as possible. Here in Chattanooga, the best option is Bavarian Auto.

Land Rover Engine Fuel Filling

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