Ways to Fix Crankcase Oil Leaks in a Mini

Ways to Fix Crankcase Oil Leaks in a Mini

The Mini Cooper, or MINI, is known to be one of the more durable and high-quality cars manufactured today. Despite its reputation for being a well-performing vehicle, the MINI is also known to commonly experience issues with crankcase oil leaks. Because the crankcase is located inside your car’s engine, an oil leak can be catastrophic if it’s not caught and repaired in time. In this article, we will discuss the crankcase, what typically causes a crankcase oil leak, the signs of an oil leak, and how you can fix it.

What is the crankcase?

Briefly, the crankcase makes up the bottom portion of your MINI’s engine. Its primary purpose is to act as a protective, enclosed area in which your vehicle’s crankshaft can operate properly and effectively. It also carries and distributes oil throughout the engine, ensuring that the engine is well lubricated.

If your crankcase starts to leak oil, this could become a serious problem if it’s not fixed quickly. When it’s spilled, oil is considered to be an environmental hazard. Also, oil has the tendency to wear down rubber hoses and seals. Most serious about this problem is that an oil leak inside your engine can start a fire. This could destroy your engine and put you and your passengers in danger.

What are the causes of crankcase oil leaks?

There are several different causes that could explain why your MINI’s crankcase is leaking oil. Here are the most common:

Older engine

When any part of your vehicle starts to get older, the possibility for issues occurring becomes more probable and you should almost expect them. Likewise, the older your engine is, the more likely it will experience problems like oil leaks. This is because, over the span of its lifetime, the engine is exposed to high amounts of heat which can cause the gaskets and seals in your engine to harden and decrease in size, eventually resulting in an oil leak.

Eroded crank seal

Similar to your engine’s gaskets and seals wearing down, it’s possible for the crank seal, to become damaged or eroded. This seal is located on the crankshaft and housed in the crankcase. If this occurs, the seal needs to either be repaired or replaced to prevent more damage.

Too much oil

Another reason why your vehicle might have a crankcase oil leak is if the crankcase is overfilled with oil. Though oil inside your crankcase is necessary because, as previously discussed, it circulates oil throughout the rest of your MINI’s engine, too much oil can result in a leak. Do not overfill your oil reservoir.

How can I tell if there’s an oil leak?

Luckily for you, crankcase oil leaks are pretty easy to catch if you know what you’re looking for and if you pay close attention to your MINI. Perhaps the most obvious way to know if your car is leaking oil is if you find a dark puddle underneath your car after it’s been parked for some time. Because this doesn’t always occur, however, there are other methods to diagnosing an oil leak.

You should always make sure to periodically check your MINI’s oil level; if it drops, then you can be sure that you have an oil leak. Also, you can open up the hood and inspect the outside of the engine itself for any oil seeping out. If you’re driving, and you smell burning oil, then this is indicative that oil is leaking inside your engine. If this occurs, you need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible or you’re at risk for your engine catching on fire.

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