Choose The Best Service Station In Chattanooga To Diagnose Air Suspension Failure In Your Mercedes

Choose The Best Service Station In Chattanooga To Diagnose Air Suspension Failure In Your Mercedes

No one wants to deal with suspension problems, or any vehicle problems for that matter. Luckily, your Mercedes is equipped with self-adjusting shocks that create a smooth ride, thanks to its flawlessly-engineered air suspension system.

Mercedes is not immune from mechanical issues, including problems resulting from wear and tear or failure in the air suspension system. If you’re experiencing problems in your suspension system, or if it feels like your Mercedes just isn’t handling the way it should, you should always take it to a certified service technician to have the problem diagnosed right away. Waiting to have your air suspension system repaired can cause a small problem to become major damage or create dangerous driving conditions.

How does the air suspension system work?

Mercedes uses an AirMatic suspension system to create the most luxurious and smooth riding and driving conditions in its vehicles. AirMatic has been in place since 2002, so Mercedes has had ample time to perfect this suspension system.

Here’s how this amazing system works:

  • Each wheel has its own air spring. As the springs move up and down, AirMatic adjusts the amount of air in the suspension for a smoother ride.
  • AirMatic adjusts to the road and driving conditions in less than one second, increasing or decreasing the shock absorption as needed.
  • AirMatic can be turned on or off to adjust based on your current driving needs or to alter the aerodynamics of your Mercedes.
  • AirMatic can raise the vehicle to get over extra rough terrain.
  • AirMatic is self-leveling, meaning that additional weight in any area of your Mercedes won’t change its handling.

Signs and Symptoms of Air Suspension Failure

The most obvious sign that there is a problem in your air suspension system is a warning light indicator on the dash that reads: Air Suspension Failure. If this warning light illuminates, you should bring your Mercedes to a reputable and qualified mechanic right away.

Failing to have your AirMatic air suspension system’s problem diagnosed may lead to your Mercedes engine shutting down. No one wants to be stranded because of an easily repairable issue.

Watch for the warning light: Stop Vehicle Too Low. If you see this warning, stop immediately, get yourself and your vehicle to a safe location, and call us for a tow before trying to move the car somewhere else.

Other signs that there is a problem with your air suspension system include:

  • Your Mercedes is sitting lower than normal and will not rise.
  • Your vehicle feels like it’s at an uneven height while you’re driving.
  • You feel like your car is tilted while driving.
  • The vehicle is driving much rougher than normal.
  • You have difficulty turning corners or reduced handling capabilities.
  • You hear a loud, unusual noise followed by sagging in the rear of the vehicle.

What to Do if you Suspect Air Suspension Failure

If your Mercedes experiences any of the signs that your AirMatic air suspension system may be failing, it’s important that you stop the car and have it towed to a nearby qualified service center that specializes in luxury imports.

It’s possible that there could be a problem like a blown fuse that is causing your woes, which could potentially be repaired before an all-out failure occurs.

A leaky air-strut is another common problem that can be easily diagnosed and repaired by a trusted mechanic. However, failing to resolve this problem could pose a danger when you’re behind the wheel.

Never attempt to diagnose or repair suspension problems on your own, this could lead to serious damage to your Mercedes or cause dangerous problems with handling your vehicle.

Bavarian Auto Will Help

If you suspect that your Mercedes is suffering Mercedes Air Suspension Inspection from an air suspension system failure, give us a call or bring your vehicle to Bavarian Auto. We are the most reputable service center, serving the Ooltewah, Hixson, and Chattanooga, TN areas for your Mercedes needs.

Our legendary service technicians have been caring for European automobiles like yours since 1981. Our qualified service members can easily diagnose and repair any suspension problems in your Mercedes and get you back on the road quickly.

If you’re in Chattanooga, TN or the surrounding areas, give us a call today to make sure that your Mercedes is in tip-top shape and correct any potential issues before they become big problems.