How to Spot a Failing IMS Bearing in Your Porsche

How to Spot a Failing IMS Bearing in Your Porsche

A very common problem for Porsche models is an IMS bearing failure. Your IMS bearing (or InterMediate Shaft bearing) supports your intermediate shaft, which extends through the engine. The actual intermediate shaft is not usually the problem in Porsches. The IMS bearing is behind the notorious engine problems that plague this classic car brand.

It is possible that your Porsche’s IMS bearing can fail due to normal wear and tear. However, most of the time, this feature fails due to mechanical error. Porsche models 986, 987, 996, and 997 are more prone to IMS bearing failure due to their older design.

Repeated overheating caused by lack of lubrication cripples the bearing, which then evolves into IMS bearing failure. The only true way to prevent this is to have your car regularly serviced by expert mechanics  and to have an oil change every 2 years.

Some people may argue that there is no true way to prevent IMS bearing failure, but any technician who specializes in Porsches will be able to notice any small details that could hint to this system failing. They will advise you and make adjustments during inspections to prevent an entire failure.

Signs and Symptoms of IMS Bearing Problems

There are a few warning signs that your IMS bearing may be failing. The most obvious one would be knocking or grinding sounds coming from your motor. If you are experiencing this, your Porsche may be in IMS bearing failure.

Other signs include oil leaks or oils with metallic shards in the oil filter, signs that something has broken off inside of your car. If your car is suddenly struggling to carry heavy loads, it may be due to the IMS bearing causing expansion damage to the rest of the engine.

Prevention and Maintenance

Unfortunately, there is not always a warning before your IMS bearing gives out. The best preventative measures you can take are to take your car to get serviced and have a professional oil change with an inspection.

An expert on Porsches will find indications that your IMS bearing is starting to deteriorate long before symptoms develop that are noticeable to a driver. This is why you should keep up with your regular servicing.

All 986, 987, 996, and 997 model Porches are at risk for IMS bearing failure, and the only thing you can truly do to stay on top of it is to make sure that your car is getting serviced and inspected. Even better, have your IMS replaced with the newer version that is less likely to cause you any problems.

Bavarian Auto: Your Porsche Experts

Ignoring possible IMS Bearing will only make the problem worse. If completely ignored, this could progressively worsen until the entire engine Porsche Oil Change needs to be replaced. If caught early, only the IMS bearing can be replaced, which may seem like an inconvenience, but is definitely better than allowing more damage to occur.

Unless you are a car technician that is trained in Porsche models, you should never try to fix your IMS bearing by yourself. You also should not be driving your car if you suspect that your IMS system is failing, as this could be incredibly dangerous and lead to an even more expensive repair being necessary.

If you are worried that your IMS bearing might be failing or you want to upgrade your IMS bearing to a newer, less problematic bearing, Bavarian Auto is here to help advise you of the best path and make repairs and replacements at your request. Our team of expert mechanics are specially trained to handle any problems in your car’s make and model.

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We will spot any signs that your IMS bearing may be moving towards failure. So trust your instincts and choose Bavarian Auto to ensure your car is in our safe hands. We look forward to servicing your Porsche and vehicles to keep them running smoothly and safely on the roads.

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