The Trusted Repair Shop in Chattanooga to Troubleshoot Metal Shavings in Your Porsche’s Oil

The Trusted Repair Shop in Chattanooga to Troubleshoot Metal Shavings in Your Porsche’s Oil

Among the most common headaches that most Porsche drivers have experienced in the course of their driving is having metal shavings in the engine oil. These metal shavings often affect the drivability of a performance-oriented Porsche.

Metal shavings can end up in the oil for different reasons, and when this happens, your Porsche will exhibit certain symptoms. It can become worse; metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil can cause permanent damage to your engine, necessitating expensive replacements. Let’s find out how this happens below and what you can do about it.

Where does the metal come from?

The metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil are often a byproduct of excessive friction that causes metals to rub against each other and break off tiny pieces. This phenomenon happens for many reasons, including use of poor quality oil.

Porsche manufactures have their recommended oils that all owners should use in their cars. Failure to use these recommended oils often results in use of poor quality oil that barely offers any lubrication to the moving parts in the engine. This causes excessive friction that wears off the metal bits which then end up in the oil.

Another cause of metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil is not maintaining a routine servicing schedule. Porsche manufacturers know their products, so when they recommend that you take your car in for servicing after a certain number of miles, that’s what you should do. A proper maintenance schedule will help your mechanic to change the oil frequently, therefore, reducing the chances of metal shavings accumulating in it.

In addition, worn out oil also doesn’t provide the necessary lubrication in the engine parts. This is why you should get regular servicing to swap out the old worn out oil for fresh oil. Worn out oil usually has a poor quality due to constant use and impurities from dust and moisture from the air that sometimes finds their way into the oil.

Symptoms of Metal Shavings in Your Engine Oil

Rough idling in your engine will be as a result of poor lubrication of the moving parts as the engine runs. This friction will cause the metal parts to rub against each other and cause an unusual amount of vibrations and shaking that you’ll feel on idle mode.

Loss of power is another symptom of having metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil. This is simply due to the poor quality of oil. The engine will have to work harder to accomplish your usual demands with even less lubrication. The loss of power will be even more pronounced when you try to accelerate.

Your engine may also start to produce ticking noises when there are metal shavings in the oil. These noises will be a result of the tiny specks of metal in the oil that will prevent the smooth flow of oil through the different components in the engine. Remember that in most high-performance vehicles like the Porsche, fuel injection happens at the highest pressure, something that is impossible if the fuel has impurities. In this case, these impurities are metal shavings.

What’s more, when the metal shavings in your oil are circulated into the engine, the buildup can easily cause the engine to knock. This happens when the metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil are left unattended for a while. The build-up of the tiny bits will continue to cause the deterioration of other engine components to a point where you may need a complete engine overhaul.

Porsche Oil Quality Check

Bavarian Auto: Your Porsche Master Technicians

Metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil can be easily prevented with a regular servicing schedule, that includes an oil change. It would also help to get these services from a certified mechanic with experience in dealing with Porsches. If you see any symptoms of metal shavings in your Porsche’s oil, you’ll need to get the proper diagnosis and remedy for the issue.

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