Tips to Protect Your BMW Against Overheating

Tips to Protect Your BMW Against Overheating

It’s summertime! That means time to relax, soak up the sun, and take joyrides in your BMW. With optimum performance and interior design, your model can fulfill the need for a long evening summer ride downtown or by the water. Be careful that it does not lead to steam rolling out from underneath your hood.

You will easily know if your BMW is overheating. The temperature gauge on your dashboard will spike, and steam can start pouring out of your engine. If this happens, turn off the air conditioning, pull off the road, and wait for your vehicle to cool down. Once it does, you can try to add coolant, but it is best to have it inspected by a specialist as soon as possible to check for any underlying issues before it causes permanent damage.

If your BMW is overheating, it can be one of several issues. Your engine could be running too hot due to a problem with your cooling system. This is in place to keep your engine temperature in the safe range for it to continue to function properly. If the cooling system is failing, heat will build up underneath your hood and it can eventually seize up. It is important to make sure your cooling system is working and is not experiencing a problem with a low coolant level, a leak or clog in your cooling system, or a failure of your water pump.

Keep Your Car Cool

Overheating usually happens during the hotter months of the year, and there are several ways to keep it from happening at all. We’ve created a list of tips to protect your BMW against overheating:

  • Check Coolant Levels: Coolant is the substance used within the cooling system to cool down your engine. Periodically check the level of coolant in your vehicle to ensure that your cooling system will run smoothly.
  • Check for Leaks: A leak in your cooling system will inhibit your BMW from getting the necessary levels of coolant to perform correctly. Additionally, other leaks may cause your BMW’s engine to overwork.
  • Flush Your Cooling System: Your cooling system will get a buildup of residue and grime over time. This can lead to a blockage within the system that impedes the coolant from cooling down your BMW’s engine. It is a good idea to have your cooling system regularly flushed to prevent such clogs and to check on its integrity.
  • Run the A/C with Fresh Air: The compressor in your air conditioning must work extra hard during hot, summer days. If this is being over-taxed, it can negatively affect other parts of your car, including your engine. So another easy way to prevent overheating is to run the air conditioning with outside air when you first start driving. The air inside your vehicle will be hotter than outside, so running fresh, outside air instead of recirculating hot cabin air will decrease your chances of your engine overworking.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance: If you follow your vehicle’s routine inspection & repair schedule, it will help prevent overheating and many other issues with your BMW. The technicians will check for any leaks or broken parts within your cooling system, as well as other systems. These inspections are to maintain peak working order and to safeguard against major costs and damage.

Bavarian Auto: The Shop You Can Trust

We always encourage you to make your own routine checks of your BMW, but we don’t want a small, missed sign to be the end of your summer fun. BMW Coolant Level Check For extra assurance, we recommend bringing your BMW to our mechanics, who specialize in your make and model.

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