5 Reasons Why Your Volkswagen Consumes More Fuel

5 Reasons Why Your Volkswagen Consumes More Fuel

Volkswagen is known for offering inexpensive, reliable vehicles as well as designing cars that deliver excellent fuel economy. This fuel efficiency is undoubtedly one of the deciding factors buyers consider when looking to get a new car. This is because you get to spend less on gas annually and also cut global warming emissions, since your car requires less fuel to run.

A cutback in the fuel economy of your Volkswagen might be as a result of your driving habits or vehicle’s condition. Whenever you notice a decline in your Volkswagen’s fuel efficiency, you should look into it, as it might be indicative of a developing issue. Discussed below are five of the reasons why there has been a decline in your Volkswagen fuel efficiency:

Poor Engine Maintenance

When your engine is not properly serviced, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it may lead to increased fuel consumption. Ignoring the specified service interval would inevitably lead to engine breakdown. Sometimes, your engine might still be functioning as it should, but the crucial components contributing to the combustion cycle may have gotten defective over time. A faulty spark plug or oxygen sensor can cause increased fuel consumption resulting in reduced fuel economy.

Faulty Fuel Supply System

A faulty fuel supply system can also be linked to poor maintenance. When debris, rust, and dirt make their way into your fuel system, the system becomes clogged. A clogged-up fuel system struggles to supply fuel to the engine. This could result in fuel wastage through leakages or supply of excessive fuel to the engine. Excessive supply of fuel to the engine increases combustion and consequently reduces your fuel economy. Fuel leakage will also significantly impact your fuel economy.

Low oil levels

The oil in your engine provides the needed lubrication for the smooth running of the engine. Low oil levels means increased combustion resulting in accelerated gas consumption. Besides having a decline in fuel efficiency when your oil levels are low, you also risk doing costly damage to the engine. Ensure you conduct regular checks on your oil levels and take your vehicle for maintenance when you notice a low oil level.

Also, ensure to stick with the recommended oil specified by your manufacturer because using a different one could hinder the optimal functioning of your engine.

Tire Condition

Your tire condition cannot be ruled out. Poorly inflated, misaligned, or worn-out tires could cause a decline in your fuel economy. The engine exerts more effort when working with poor tires since they are usually resistive, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Consequently, there would be a decline in your fuel economy since the engine is consuming more fuel than it would if it were working optimally.

Bad driving habits

A car is only as good as its driver. The way you handle your car will affect its overall performance. Unknown to you, some of your driving habits may negatively impact your vehicle’s fuel economy. There is a popular belief that leaving your engine to idle instead of shutting it down helps conserve fuel. Contrary to this belief, your engine burns more fuel when it stays excessively idle than when you turn off your engine and restart it when ready to move. Also, shutting down your engine prevents unnecessary wear and tear of your engine.

Sudden acceleration and deceleration impact your fuel efficiency. Slow and steady acceleration, as well as braking, helps get more MPG from your car.

If you are guilty of the aggressive driving habits discussed above, it’s best for your car to consider driving more carefully. Monitor your vehicle closely for the conditions discussed above, and do not hesitate to bring your car in for routine maintenance and diagnostic before any small issues become an expensive repair.

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