MAF Sensor Failure in Porsche in Chattanooga

MAF Sensor Failure in Porsche in Chattanooga

Whether low-budget or luxurious, every manufactured vehicle is susceptible to component defects after constant use, and the Porsche is no exception. One of these issues plaguing Porsches is the MAF sensor failure. This defect is capable of hindering the smooth performance of the engine.

As a Porsche owner, you must be prepared with the correct information on spotting this failure and steps to prevent it from causing catastrophic damage.

The Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)

The Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor measures the quantity of air used by the engine’s combustion chamber. It calculates the air density and temperature used by the ECM, the Engine Control Module. It is the primary computer that calculates proper fuel levels for engine optimization. After the completion of this calculation, it then injects fuel into the combustion chamber.

When your MAF sensor malfunctions, the air ratio is disrupted, causing an unstable fuel injection in the combustion chambers. The adverse effect of this failure can manifest in the form of engine strains and other performance issues. As a Porsche owner, it is vital to take note of the signs and symptoms of MAF sensor failure discussed below.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

If you have driven your Porsche for a reasonable period, you ought to be familiar with the average amount of fuel consumed per mile. Where an abnormal fuel consumption exists, this may be an indication of a faulty MAF sensor.

When the MAF sensor fails, which may cause it to read more air or less air entering into the engine, the ECM may make miscalculations altering the fuel consumption rates. When there are miscalculations, more fuel is burned while performing the same tasks. When the ECM wrongly records low air passage, the fuel injection is reduced, causing low engine power. If you experience this sign, take your Porsche to a reliable mechanic.

Trouble Accelerating

The MAF sensor helps maintain a balance between the air and fuel ratio during peak engine performance. When the balance incorrectly tilts to one side, performance is affected. With a faulty MAF sensor, your Porsche’s may take more time to accelerate, with acceleration lasting less time than average.

Rough Idle

Usually, the Porsche engine is more sensitive when idling. A small error in the air-fuel mixture could affect its smooth running. As a result, your engine may knock, shake badly, misfire, shudder, or even stall. In some cases, you may even notice the RPM moving up and down.

Problem Starting the Engine

Starting an engine is more complex than keeping it running. This is because the engine requires more fueled heat to start. If the MAF sensor gives incorrect data, the ECM may not provide the proper fuel to start the engine. This can be seen especially when the engine is first started or when cold. As the sensor will detect little or no airflow, rendering ECM incapable of providing sufficient fuel.

The Smell of Unburned Fuel and Visible Smoke

When the sensor fails, it could read too much airflow into the engine. This can make the ECM provide excess fuel than required. This extra fuel does not burn but escapes through the exhaust, which causes the smell of fuel around your Porsche. In some instances, you may also notice blacks smoke emanating from your exhaust.

Check Engine Light Illuminates

Porsche engines have advanced so fast that it automatically calculates the performance and health of several sensors. Any default in the health of these sensors is shown through check engine light. Therefore, the ECM picks up the MAF sensor’s drastic or incorrect reading change, and the check engine light will notify you. What this means is that you need to check your sensor as soon as possible.

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Porsche drivers often opt for a cost-effective option in repairing their MAF sensors. In most cases, they are tempted to do a quick google Porsche MAF Sensor Repair search to get DIY instructions from the web. However, to reduce the risk of aggravated damages and prevent continuous MAF sensor failure, it is always advisable to consult certified mechanics in some situations.

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