Where To Fix Noisy Brakes in a Mercedes in Chattanooga

Where To Fix Noisy Brakes in a Mercedes in Chattanooga

Strange noises in your brake system might indicate an impairment in the brake performance and put you in danger when driving. To avoid any damage, it’s critical to get any strange sounds in your brake system rectified as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll look at the most common reasons for brake noises in your Mercedes, their sources, and what may be done to cure or remedy them.

A Squealing Noise

If you notice a squeaking or squealing sound in your Mercedes, here’s what’s likely to have caused it.

  • Brake Pads That Are Obsolete: A metal wear indicator, often known as a brake wear indicator, is found on brake pads. When the brake pads wear down, this metal equipment grinds on your brake disc, producing friction and a screeching sound from your brake.
  • Excessively Dirty Brakes: Brake dust is often lodged between the brake disc and rotor in a disc brake system, generating uneven braking and screeching noise. The sound in drum brakes could be caused by brake dust accumulating within the drums.
  • Glazed Brake Drum: Over time, the brake drum and rotor both wear out, leaving a glazed surface. As a result, you may hear screeching or squeaking from your brakes.
  • Absence of Lubrication on Brakes: If the brake components like the backing plate aren’t properly greased in a vehicle with rear drum brakes, a squealing sound may occur. A squeal in a disc braking system, on the other hand, could be caused by sticky movement on the caliper piston.
  • Poor Quality Lining Material: Poor-quality friction material brake linings wear out rapidly and might generate a loud screaming noise in your brake system.

Grinding Noise

Is there a loud grinding sound coming from your brakes? Let’s have a look at what’s causing the noise and how to silence it:

  • Material from a worn-out brake pad or a worn-out brake shoe: A grinding braking noise usually indicates that the brake pad has worn out. Because older parts are less prone to give off heat, this causes excessive heat to build up in the braking system.
  • Stuck cylinder on the wheel: A stuck caliper in a disc brake system could constantly squeeze each braking shoe against the rotor, resulting in brake grinding. If the rotor disc makes contact with a portion of the braking caliper, you may hear a high-pitched grinding noise. Meanwhile, brake grinding occurs when a jammed wheel cylinder repeatedly hits the brake pad against your drum in a drum brake system.

Noises that Vibrate or Rattle

When you press the brake pedal, do you notice a vibration or hear a rattling sound? Let’s look at these peculiar brake noises and see how you can get rid of them:

  • Rotor with a Warped Shape: A warped rotor will make unequal contact with the brake pads, generating a pounding sound or a pedal pulsation.
  • Bad Brake Adjustments or Brake Hardware That Isn’t There: If some braking system components, such as brake lining, anti-rattle shims, and anti-rattle clips are missing or incorrectly adjusted, you may feel a vibration or hear bothersome brake noises. Other automotive parts, such as a worn-out ball joint or wheel bearing, might create judder and a vibrating steering wheel.
  • Caliper Slides with Dirty Calipers: Brake caliper slides that are dirty prohibit the brake pads from working properly and cause the caliper to stick. This may result in a clattering or vibration.

Bavarian Auto Will Fix Your Mercedes Brakes

It is beneficial to schedule a brake inspection with our reputable auto service center if you hear weird noises Mercedes Brake Inspection coming from your brakes or see any changes in brake performance. Remember that a car with odd-sounding brakes is risky to drive and may necessitate more costly repairs down the road.

Bavarian Auto has been proudly serving our clients for years in the communities of Ooltewah, Hixson, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our qualified professionals are ready to help as soon as you need us. We will get to the root of your brake problems, inform you of our findings and work with you to resolve it within your budget. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or simply stop by to chat with us!