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Reliable Air Conditioning Service At Chattanooga

One of the most important features in any vehicle is the air conditioning. Whether you need the heat in wintertime or you’re trying to stay cool in the summer there is nothing worse than an unresponsive A/C. It takes year-round maintenance to prevent the types of issues and problems that can seriously damage your car’s air conditioning and lead to diminished performance. Instead of waiting until it’s too late let the experts at Bavarian Auto in Chattanooga help with all of the maintenance your car’s air conditioning system needs.

Brands We Service

Our team has years of experience working with German brands and offer complete air-conditioning services and repairs including:

Fixing Any Issue

Your car’s air conditioning is made up of multiple components and no matter what may be the source of the issue our team will find the right solution. Using the latest available diagnostic equipment and tools we handle all major repairs including:

  • Accumulator/Drier replacement
  • Compressor repairs
  • Condenser repairs
  • Evaporator maintenance
  • Freon recharging

We use factory grade materials and replacement parts in all of our air conditioning services as well in order to guarantee the most accurate repairs possible.

Stay Cool on Your Drive

Conveniently located in Chattanooga, TN Bavarian Auto also helps drivers from surrounding cities such as:

A working air conditioning is one of the most important parts in your car so please call or visit our shop today and let our experts help make sure that you stay comfortable for your drive all year.