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Chattanooga’s Premium Quality Transmission Service & Repair Center

One of the most expensive repairs on any German car is replacing the transmission. Your car relies on the transmission for smooth rides and strong performance and any time there is a problem it can be a cause for concern. Preventative maintenance and routine service appointments are the best way to help make sure your transmission is kept in good condition but it can be difficult finding mechanics you can trust that doesn’t involve expensive trips to the dealership. Fortunately for drivers in Chattanooga the team at Bavarian Auto offers quality transmission services and repairs without the high cost and hassles of going to the dealership.

Brands We Service

At Bavarian Auto we specialize in transmission service and repair for Chattanooga’s most popular German cars including:

Our team has decades of experience working with these vehicles and know exactly how to find the source of the problem with your transmission.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

It’s important that any issues with your transmission are caught early on before there’s a chance for them to expand and become more severe. These are just a few signs you should look for that indicates something is wrong with the transmission:

  • Delays when shifting
  • Fluid leaks
  • Rough shifts
  • Slipping gears when driving
  • Stumbles when shifting from park to drive

Call Us Today

If you’re having issues with your vehicle’s performance and you think it may be the transmission please call the expert mechanics at Bavarian Auto today. Located in Chattanooga and helping drivers from Hixson, Ooltewah and more we’re here to make sure that you don’t have to break the bank to properly service your car. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule a transmission service appointment with one of our mechanics or with any further questions that you have.